One-Line Bio

Ape shall not kill ape, but it is quite acceptable to make fun of ape when necessary.


"It is my personal knowledge that it is necessary for all of us, including you, to make the effort to communicate."

The above is said to be the translation if this single word: Aruskipasipxa├▒anakasakipunirakispawa. This word is from a group of South American peoples called the Aymara. I found this word while cruising the Internet(s) doing research for a project.

In this context, "research" is defined as: "I was supposed to be writing, but I fucked around on the Internet(s) for three hours instead."

I like this word. I believe it is True.

I have no idea how to pronounce it, though.

The banner image is an "Authentic, Original Matt Feazell Convention Sketch" that was a gift from moi pal Valka. I've had it for over 10 years now, and it is my favorite picture of moiself. I usually keep it in the living room right next to my signed rejection from the New Yorker (which is an item of such beauty I framed it). To visit Valka' site, find the link on the sidebar of the main page.